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Tel Aviv Neighberhoods

The City
Tel Aviv is a vibrant metropolis with a European flare. Its dynamic energy, richness in culture, culinary praise, and acclaim in both fashion and design can keep everyone entertained, engaged and present. Architecture, culture, politics, finance and the arts are all prominent and evolving. In 2003, UNESCO declared Tel Aviv a World Heritage Site for its treasure of modern architecture whereby Bauhaus buildings were landmarked, and Tel Aviv received its alias; The White City. Tel Aviv is also Israel's leading economic and metropolitan nucleus.
With 14km of coast line on the Mediterranean spanning from Jaffa up to the Old Port of Tel Aviv, this is not just any beach city. It is the capital of The Start Up Nation, it is an incubator of innovation; and with innovation comes growth. As a result, there has been a rise of foreigners moving to Israel, and Tel Aviv has become the most desired and sought out destination in the country. The city continues to see growth, expansion and new developments and shows no signs of slowing down.

The Neighborhoods
Merkaz Ha'ir / Tel Aviv Center
Translated as the Center of The City, this neighborhood is bustling with excitement. Located near the sea, and populated with many restaurants, cafes, bars and shops there are always locals and visitors in this neighborhood. Here you will find the infamous Dizengoff Street, Circle, and Center, Rabin Square, and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

The Old North & Basel Square
This quaint and highly desired area is a favorite for a variety of types. With its proximity to the beach, wide tree lined roads, its copious amounts of bars, cafes and restaurants this area is always bustling with people in the streets. Many of the Israeli boutique designers can be found in this area, as well as the athletically inclined who fancy the famous Hayarkon Park.

Lev Ha'ir
This area is very true to its name as it literally translates to the "heart of the city". Having been named In 2003, UNESCO declared Tel Aviv a World Heritage Site for its treasure of modern architecture. The majority of the landmark Bauhaus buildings are found here in the heart of the White City. With the constant growth in Tel Aviv this, Lev Ha'ir is becoming more and more beautiful each year as these protected buildings are being highlighted through preservation and renovations. Here you will also find the glorious Rothschild Boulevard, the renowned and newly revamped Sheinkin Street and Habima Theatre.

North Tel Aviv and Ramat Aviv
With its suburban feel at the most northern perimeter of Tel Aviv, this newer area is largely populated with 10-12 story buildings as well as some ultra luxurious high rise buildings. With Tel Aviv University and Ramat Aviv Mall nearby this area is concentrated with young and established families. It is also a great area for young professionals, not yet ready to leave a lively city, but not quite ready for the stillness of a smaller town.

Kikar Hamedina
Kikar Hamedina is the city's largest plaza and is renowned for being the most prestigious shopping area in the country representing the world's top designers. The neighborhood was designed as a luxurious area at the time, which explains the glory in the wider streets and plenty of greenery. Today, it is definitely a great area to raise a family within the city proximity.

Neve Tzedek
This picturesque, exclusive, and trendy neighborhood perched on a hill is particularly charming with its little streets and cobble stone roads. Neve Tzedek is the original nucleus of Tel Aviv as it was the first Jewish neighborhood constructed outside of Jaffa. It is unique in its style with sun washed, tiled roof, two-storey sandstone buildings, and 19th century homes whose flowers spill into the streets. Here you will find the best of the best shops and gourmet eats in town.

Karem HaTeimanim
Karem HaTeimanim is the old Yemenite quarter of Tel Aviv, this neighborhood is rich in culture and really has soul. Bordering with the crafty Nahalat Binyamin, this area is in close proximity to the beach and a stone throw away from Shuk HaCarmel. Its narrow streets house several authentic Yeminite home cooked restaurants, and many new residential buildings are appearing to accommodate the demand of city living near the sea.

Southern Tel Aviv
Including Florentine, Noga and The American Colony, these are the latest up-and-coming areas. Many young students have populated this area as rent prices were lower, but have recently seen a rise over the last couple of years. With the continuous demand for apartments in Tel Aviv, this area is quickly evolving. The streets are filled with sun basking hipsters in the many new cafes and bars that are continuously opening.

Jaffa is the original and oldest District of Tel Aviv. It maintains its authentic Middle Eastern vibe while being updated with plenty of care. The government has invested millions of shekels into Jaffa with the improved beautiful new promenade along the Port, as well as the creation of a new massive park adjacent to the beach in the South of Jaffa. The famous Shuk Hapishpeshim transforms in the evening from glorious bargain hunting for anything under the sun, to terrific restaurants spilling one into the next, with tables filling the pedestrian roads. With Jaffa's history, spectacular art galleries, fantastic little nooks and crannies where classic bars and chic restaurants are tucked into beautiful alley ways, the likes of trendy big named hotels have been welcomed, and there are no signs of it stopping there.