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What to do in TLV

Although we are not tour guides or tour operators, we are big fans of this city and want to share with you our thoughts on this incredible city! With that said, this information can at anytime become invalid as this city has a pulse of its own. We highly recommend picking up a free copy of Time Out Magazine in English, which is available at almost all hotels as well as at Ben Gurion airport near the baggage claim. Here are a few of the leading websites to keep you in the know of what's going on in Tel Aviv. 

Tel Aviv Guide offers an excellent overview of all of Tel Aviv and what to do by day by night, for food, for play, for sleep, for kids and for the wild. We also like the suggested day itineraries covering different areas of the city.

Tourist Israel has its finger on the pulse! Here you will find a thorough and up-to-date event calendar letting you know everything that is going on in Tel Aviv and the entire country.

Shuk TLV will give you all the ins and outs of all the markets in Tel Aviv. It will highlight shops, bites and little nooks and crannies that you shouldn’t miss.

The Municipality of Tel Aviv gives broad stroke coverage on all aspects of the city. Covering small mundane stuff to the bigger exciting happenings… From free wifi zones and parking issues, to international upcoming concerts and large city productions, you can get many of your questions answered here!

Best of Tel Aviv covers the fun-facts of Tel Aviv with many articles to keep you in the know.

And here are some of our favorites!

Where to eat

NAM - A great authentic Thai restaurant located in the old north Hub of Tel Aviv

Café Noir – A local favorite just off Rothschild Blvd. They are known for their delicious and hearty schnitzel.

Dallal – Located in the heart of Neve Tzedek, this place is beautiful, delicious and romantic.

Brasserie – Open 24 hours, this place is bustling at any hour of the day and is a favorite spot after a late night out.

Coffee Bar – Located a little outside from the city center, this place has a great vibe and a cozy atmosphere.

Onza – A new favorite in the heart of Shuk Hapishpeshim, priding itself on food, drinks and vibe, it delivers just that!

Salon – By celebrity chef Eyal Shani, this restaurant is a unique treat from the moment you open the door! Only open Wednesday and Thursdays nights, this is a tough reservation to get, but one that it is most definitely worthwhile.

Itzik Hagadol – Come hungry! This is your traditional Israeli style food. A ton of salads and grilled meats, a family outing favorite!

Itzik ve Ruti – this half a century old family gem can be found on Sheinken Street next to Feirberg Street. It opens its doors at 3:30am serving delicious sandwiches and the best Shakshuka in town. Be sure to make it there in time as this unique and unassuming spot closes its doors daily at noon.

Where to Shop

Kikar Hamedina

Sheinken Street

Dizengoff Street and Center

Azraeli Center

Where to Drink

Zoubisou – The new kid in town, with a New York upper scale feel. Great food and vibe.

Nanuchka – This Georgian restaurant and bar serves up a perfectly unique and wildly entertaining evening. Be prepared to be pulled up to dance on the bar!

223 – Stepping into this bar, will step you away from what you would expect in Israel. Here you have your traditional suspender wearing bartenders, pouring a whole lot of love into their carefully created concoctions and well balanced cocktails.

The Zone / Ha'ezor – The Zone – Live music and jam sessions nightly.

Unique to Tel Aviv

Block Parties and Layla Lavan – Tel Aviv is known to bring the party out to the street. Always check in to see the next celebration.

The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra – Israel is renowned for its musical talent. If you love the classical concerts, this is one you certainly should not miss!

The Israeli Opera is a story about pioneers who relentlessly fought to maintain their artistic dreams in a nation yet to be born. It is a story of struggle and love, of faith and despair, a story that eventually, 93 years later, puts Israel very proudly on the international opera map.

Yiddish Theatre – This is a true only in Israel experience. This will have many people trip down memory lane and for others it will be an enriching cultural experience.

Batsheva Dance Company - Batsheva Dance Company has been critically acclaimed and popularly embraced as one of the foremost contemporary dance companies in the world. Together with its junior Batsheva Ensemble, the Company boasts a roster of 34 dancers drawn from Israel and abroad with an extensive international schedule.

Mayumana – Established in Tel Aviv in 1996, this group speaks a language based on the skill and creativity of audio and visual effects. Using rhythm and humor to entertain you throughout the night.


Other things to do…

Dance – come to Gordon Beach to see a favorite Israeli pastime. These folklore dancers are on the beach every Saturday morning.

Rent a city bike and explore this glorious city at your own liberty and pace.

Take a beautiful stroll along the Tayelet which runs between Jaffa Port and the New Tel Aviv Port. From the ancient city to the newly renovated Tel Aviv Port with shops and restaurants, the delightful stroll in between will cross paths with all sorts of vendors, tourists and locals alike, street performers and many joggers and cross fit trainers on the sand, making for great people watching.  

Museums and Galleries

Museums - Tel Aviv has over 20 museums to visit. There is plenty of ancient history as well as new age art to explore.

Galleries – Tel Aviv has a very active art culture and there are many galleries throughout the city with more and more being wecolmed.

Some of our favorites are the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the Eretz Israel Museum  and Beit Ha'ir which is one of the most beautiful buildings in Tel Aviv, this museum will take you on a chronological history of Tel Aviv.